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Our Subtrade payable program is easy to use, and proven over many years on large and small projects.

Makes instant order and consistency out of the mess of various formats of billings submitted by your sub-contractors every month.
It is totally spreadsheet based, so as you add items or enter percentage completed, totals and summaries are instantly updated.
Prints a fully detailed remittance statement for each subcontract payment, showing contract to date and balance payable.
Option to show Breakdown ,Line-items and Change orders with percent certified for each item and complete payment history on each statement.
Enter basic information for each subcontrator  once at the beginning of the project, and then the hard part is done! After that just enter the percent complete or amount payable to date, and the program does the rest.....
Calculates Canadian GST, and or US Sales taxes, using individually configurable rate for each trade; calculates and tracks lien holdbacks and/or percentage retention.
Supports partial release of lien holdback, and separate deficiency retention.
Tracks and prints Subcontract change orders. Enter info only once for the payable program, and the change order is produced automatically from the same data.
Provides instant on-screen or printed Summary Report for each project with totals.
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Trade Information Dialogue

  Project Information Dialogue

Change Order

Summary Report