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Rattlesnake Bridge, BC Today’s market of shortages and unpredictable costs has made estimating just as tough, especially for smaller and mid-sized contractors, as those days when 20 companies turned up to bid on one project. There is a real need to nail down costs precisely – and know how cost components changes such as labor, rising material costs, or shortages can impact the reality of bringing in a project on budget and on time. As small business owners ourselves, we needed to avoid all those time-consuming repetitive calculations that could be automated, and it is for this reason that we developed our own costing program, SP Estimating.
Little Fountain, ArizonaOne of our first customers was a friend who did concrete foundations and he began using an early version of our system. He found it very useful and that gave us the idea to expand and market it.  Our program is designed to work best for small and medium sized commercial general contractors, particularly those who sometimes do their own civil, concrete and framing work, or some trade contractors involved in a project. Projects we have handled over the years include subdivisions, single and multiple housing developments, high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, a conference centre, parkades, bridges, and treatment plants with most located in B.C. and Arizona.

Oakwinds, VictoriaWe have a combined work experience of over 50 years in construction in areas  such as drafting and design, operating equipment, survey and layout, supervision of major projects, sub-trade work, operating our own general contracting company, estimating, and project management. We  have Gold Seal certification in project management and have formal education in building technology, estimating, quantity surveying, mediation, drafting, business management and other construction related fields.  Our extensive computer and software skills are mostly self-taught, having discovered early on the time-saving capabilities of PC’s in our business and personal lives as well.