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You do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars for a good easy to use tried and tested estimating program that can handle whatever you need it to do!


Our programs are Custom-designed & tested by experienced Construction Estimators & Project Managers to work the way we think, and to provide what we need to do our Job.

They have been used effectively by general, civil, and concrete contractors and by our own company to take off, estimate, and bid projects from a few thousand to over a hundred million dollars..
They are simple enough for new users to catch on to quickly, thereby minimizing training & they provide an easily understood format that is reliable and yet can be customized to company’s needs with a minimum of set-up time.  ,
The program is user-friendly and anyone familiar with microsoft Excel should have no trouble learning the program  and since the format is spread sheet, it offers the ability to respond to last minute price changes in materials or labour costs and view the result immediately.
The programs are designed to run as add-ins for Excel versions 97 to 2010 on Windows XP up to window 8.1 .